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The Northeast China Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hall, located at Harbin of Heilongjiang Province and opened to the public on October 10, 1948, is a Chinese revolutionary memory hall.

Harbin Beer is China’s oldest beer brand. After more than 100 years of operation, Harbin Beer opened the Harbin Beer Museum to showcase the unique history of Harbin beer production.

Heilongjiang is China’s northernmost province and is north of North Korea. It has been a site for the region’s power struggles for thousands of years between the Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Mongolians, several tribes and Russians. Address: No.50 Hongjun Street. Phone Number: +86 451 5364 4151

Unit 731 Museum, which displays black-and-white photographs and relics from that period donated by locals to remind people of the horrible experiments performed here during World War II, when it was the world’s largest biological warfare research centre.

Heilongjiang Science and Technology Museum is a sailing boat-shaped museum with spectacular look. It is the largest modern multi-functional science museum in Heilongjiang Province, which makes it a nice place for visitors to acquire knowledge and relax themselves. Address: China, Heilongjiang, Harbin, Songbei, Taiyang Ave, Phone: +86 451 8819 0966

Saint Sophia Cathedral, Harbin. The Cathedral of the Holy Wisdom of God or Saint Sophia Cathedral in Harbin is a former Russian Orthodox church located in the central district of Daoli, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, China. Address: 88 Tou Long Jie, Daoli Qu, Haerbin Shi, Heilongjiang Sheng. Phone: +86 451 8468 6904

Volga Manor is a Russian-style forest garden located about 29 km from St. Sophia Square in small town called Chenggaozi. The Volga Manor itself is beautiful. A small meandering Ashihe river flows smoothly through the woody garden park, leave an area of mudflat wet land by side for wild animals. Address: China, Heilongjiang, Harbin, Xiangfang. Phone: +86 451 5515 6801

Jinshangjing Historical Museum is located in Acheng district, Harbin city of Heilongjiang province, covering an area of 50 thousand square meters. Acheng city was the first capital city of Jin dynasty, where Jurchen culture, Qidan culture and Yellow river culture converge. Address: Jingyuan Museum, A’cheng District. Phone Number: +86 451 5377 3079